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The Most Overlooked Fact About VENEREAL WARTS Removal Revealed

Genital Warts also known as a venereal warts or the scientific name is condylmata acuminata is one of the most terrifying warts among the other types of warts. It can be easily recognized and found on the private parts of your body.

Some people are unaware that they have genital warts because they don't know what it looks like. So, what do genital warts look like? If you know their appearance, it will be a lot easier to tell if you're infected.
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Genital warts are described by medical experts and health care practitioners as being flat, with stalks or cauliflower-like bumps on or around the genitals or the rectum. The description of it is already revolting; imagine if you actually have these ugly bumps on you. 

You can normally expect the first warts to appear between two and four weeks after sexual contact with an infected person, but it is possible to be infected with the HPV virus and not show any symptoms-as many as 50% of all infected people never develop genital warts. It is also possible to have been infected with the virus many months or even years previously, but never have shown any symptoms until now as the virus does not always show itself until your immune system is low. Best Wart Remover 

Genital wart signs vary from men and women. Signs in men tend to be more outright and seen as their genitals are completely outside the body. Genital wart signs in women seem to be more internal and not as easily seen. On women the most notable wart signs are hard dots on the outer edges of the genitals as well as on the cervix and between the vaginal opening and the anal cavity. These are the genital warts and they may not show up for a long time after contraction occurs.

Some important causes of genital wart are as:-
  • The main cause of the genital wart is - Human papillomavirus, that infects the top layers of your skin. 
  • To some extent, excessive use of tobacco and alcohol, may lead to formation of genital warts. Best Wart Remover 
  • Premalignant and malignant cervical cancers in women, also increases the chances of occurring of genital wart. 
  • People with sexual transmitted disease are more prone to get affected by genital wart. 
  • Genital wart, most commonly occurs in persons undergoing stress condition. 
  • In some cases, use of birth control pills, increased sexual contact without the use of barrier protection, multiple sex partners, and having sex at a early age, may lead to the condition of genital wart.
  • About two-thirds of people who have sexual contact with someone already having genital warts - develop genital warts very easily.

Some important symptoms of genital warts are as:-
  • Difficulty may be experienced while swallowing food.  
  • During genital wart, you may have the difficulty in passing urine.
  • The feeling of itching or burning around the sex organs, may be seen.
  • An abnormal vaginal bleeding may occur in genital wart patient after sexual intercourse. 
  • Small fluid-filled blisters may occur, which can be very painful. With the first infection they can even take around 2 to 4 weeks to heal properly.
  • When HPV infection remain for too long term, gives the indication of genital wart.
  • Genital wart increases vaginal discharge. Best Wart Remover
  • A flu-like illness, backache, headache, swollen glands or fever are the common symptoms during genital wart. 
  • The small white/yellow/gray bumpy spots may occur on the sex organs and anus.
  • In some Chronic Cases, cervical cancer may also occur in genital wart suffering patients. 

Some knowledge on these little buggers will help you in preventing this infection in the future as well as know the proper methods of genital wart treatment. Below are some effective treatments for genital wart: 
  • Podophyllin and podofilox (Condylox) solution - doctor applies to destroy genital wart tissue
  • Podofilox topical solution -can be applied externally at home after receiving guidance from doctor; contains same active compound as Podophyllin.
  • Genital wart cream - apply Imiquimod (Aldara) to boost immune system. Not to be used during sexual activity.
  • Chemical treatment - doctor applies lactic acid, salicylic acid, or trichloroacetic acid to break down the infected skin, causing it to peel off. Best Wart Remover
  • Cryotherapy - doctor uses liquid nitrogen to form blister around wart; new skin appears when lesions slough off.
  • Electrocautery - doctor burns off genital wart using an electrical current.
  • Excision - doctor numbs area with local anesthetic, then cuts out the wart using a scalpel or curette (sharp-edged spoon-like instrument)
  • Laser surgery - doctor uses high intensity beam of light to destroy especially stubborn warts.
  • Natural treatments - do-it-yourself genital wart removal options.
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