Wednesday, October 09, 2013

The Most Overlooked Solution For Best Wart Remover

Warts are uncontrolled growth of lesions on the skin and are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). Despite the fact that they can affect any body part, they are most commonly found on hands and feet. The most frequent warts encountered are flat warts, genital warts and plantar warts. Warts are a regular skin infection and they eventually go away on their own. They take sufficient time to grow and can be easily detected. But if ignored persistently, they can turn cancerous. Around 70% of all cervical cancers are caused by HPV.

There are various methods to care for a warts. A person may choose over-the-counter treatment or professional surgical removal. Besides these modern age treatments, natural cures for warts are undoubtedly available. People prefer pure and natural ingredients to professional treatments. The reason why behind this is actually the steep fees for a surgical treatment and of course the fear of scars left after incision. Also, surgical treatment will possibly be repeated in case the warts re appears haunt again. These reasons tip the scale in favour of home remedies.

Someone who experiencing a good body's defense system can definitely resist HPV infection. So, proper diet which strengthens the immune system has got to be followed. Vitamin C rich foods like oranges, citrus fruits and spinach are advised to patients. Besides vitamin C rich foods, other food products are also considered to help cure warts. Diet filled with mushrooms (Reishi, Maitake and Shiitake) and Aloe Vera extracts can also be prescribed by dieticians.

A few methods of natural wart removal have been listed below:

Apple-Cider Vinegar treatment:

It is the most widely used and inexpensive treatment for common and flat warts. The acidic content of the vinegar actually helps to remove the wart. The vinegar is soaked in the skin surrounding the wart and due to acid, the skin gradually peels off. This treatment should not be used for genital warts as they are sexually transmitted and should be treated by a doctor.

This method can be used in two ways. The first is to mix some vinegar in a cup of warm water and then apply gently on the warts affected area. The warts will disappear slowly but its application might cause irritation on the skin. The second method involves applying the mixture of vinegar and warm water for a longer period of time, usually overnight. This treatment takes time and must be continued until the wart peels off by itself. 

Lemon/lime juice Treatment:

Lemon juice is also highly acidic in nature. The application method is similar to the apple cider vinegar method. You can soak a cotton ball in lime water and then apply it overnight on wart. This is a slow process and must be done for weeks until the wart can fade away itself.

Chinese Herbs:

Natural Chinese herbs (2) like Zi Su Ye, Jin Yin Hua and Ban Lan Gen are also effective in treating warts. Paste of these herbs is applied on the warts for some time during the day. Regular treatment can get rid of the wart. Though, more studies on its effectiveness are currently underway.

Waterproof Tape:

This remedy may not be purely natural but can be easily used at home. The idea behind this treatment is to cut off oxygen supply to the virus and the wart will die itself. A waterproof tape or a duct tape can be used to cover the affected area. Seal the area properly and cut off all the air supply to the wart. This method must be used for minor warts as it takes months to treat warts.

These unconventional treatments are inexpensive and can be performed at home. As a alternative treatment for warts instead of over the counter and surgical treatment, one should definitely give these natural remedies a try.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

HOT!! How To Treat Warts With Natural Remedy - Step by Step Guide

Warm salt water and sea salt
  1. Soak the wart for 10 to 15 minutes in warm salt water to moisten the skin.
  2. Scrape off the dead skin layers, as much as can be tolerated, off the wart. Scrapers can be a nail file, pumice stone (used for calluses), mild sandpaper, or a butter knife edge. Or, use fingers to pick at the wart, removing as much of the raised dead skin as possible, but wash fingers/hands thoroughly before and after, as warts can easily spread. 
  3. After scratching the surface of the wart, select a large flake of rough sea salt with a flat surface. Moisten the wart and salt slightly, applying the salt flake to wart. Put a band-aid or tape over the wart to hold salt in place. Observe the salt several days, replacing it after you shower or if it falls off.
  1. Take garlic capsules (oderless brands!) twice a day for at least several weeks. Warts should start peeling off in one, two weeks, but take the garlic until the wart disappears. Warts are caused by a virus, and garlic seems to be a natural enemy of many viruses.
  2. Apply garlic oil on the wart. Cover the wart with garlic oil once or twice daily for 1 month.

Hot water and pumice
  1. Soak wart in hot water 'till it softens, scrape it down with a piece of coarse exfoliating pumice until you reach level with the skin. Take bleach on a cotton swab and hold it against the wart for 15 minutes (this may sting a bit). In most cases, that's enough but repeating this a couple times couldn't hurt. This is very quick and effective treatment but you MUST wash the area well after applying bleach.
Curcumin extract
  1. Create a preparation of curcumin extract (this comes from turmeric. It can be found at health stores.), papaya extract (Papain. It may have to be purchased in pill form and crushed into powder.), and vitamin E oil. 
  2. Dab the wart and surrounding area with alcoholic extract of goldenseal, which will stimulate local immune activity. 
  3. Take a sharp needle or pin, something very thin, and dip the pin into the curcumin paste. Press the needle as deep into the wart as possible, and continue injecting more of the paste into the wart, poking  several holes if necessary. 
  4. Spread the remaining paste over the wart area and cover with a lot of medical tape. This is because the paste will stain things neon yellow. Curcumin is anti-viral, and papaya has been shown to fight HPV. This technique is effective against flat warts, which are found on the hand. Flat warts are notoriously stubborn and will often remain on the skin after the body has acquired resistance to the virus. This will finish the warts off in lieu of freezing.
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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

HOT REMEDY for Treating Genital Warts

Most people are afraid to use DIY natural remedy treatments on their genital warts since it need to be apply on their private parts. I quite frequently receive questions about the availability of natural remedies for warts and the human papilloma virus. For your information, green tea extract can be considered as the best natural solution for treating genital wart because it contains a lot of healthy vitamins that can cure skin disease.

Well, at the end of this short article, you will discover the benefit of green tea in order to treat genital warts. For information purposes, there is an FDA approved cream for treatment of genital and perianal warts that has an active ingredient of green tea extract.

Lets have a look what is the symptoms of genital warts. Common genital warts symptoms are flesh-colored, soft-to-the-touch bumps on the skin that may look like the surface of a cauliflower. They often grow in more than one place and may cluster in large masses. Genital warts usually are painless, but they may itch. Below are a few important points why green tea has been considered as one of the best natural wart remover.
  • Green tea has long been described as a good health beverage to help with a great many ailments from weight loss to skin conditions.   
  • Green tea is produced from the leaves, buds, and stems of the Camellia sinensi plant.  Other teas also come from this plant but the leaves are fermented partially or completely when making the other teas.   
  • Green tea is not fermented at all.  Green tea is steamed.  Because of this, green tea is high in polyphenols, in particular catechins, that have antiviral, antioxidant, and immune boosting effects. 
  • Green tea extract has been used to make a cream for genital and perianal warts. The cream received FDA approval in 2006 and has gotten good reviews with proper use.  It is the first botanical drug approved for prescriptions in the United States.

Genital warts are considered one of the fastest growing sexually transmitted diseases.  It affects approximately 1% of sexually active adults each year.  The cream ointment in 15% and 10% provides an effective treatment that most people dealing with genital warts can easily use.

You should bear in mind that this treatment might work very well with some people while for some others it might not working at all. It's all depends on your antibody condition. If you need more information regarding how to treat genital warts with natural remedy, you can visit the official website of BEST WART REMOVER.

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Surgical Vs Natural Warts Remover

There are a few types of surgical treatment that you can take into consideration in order to get rid of your painful warts. Even though warts can easily be removed by using natural substances home remedies treatment, but there is certain condition that one needs to forgo the self-treatment and turn to surgery to get the warts removed. What kind of condition I am talking about here? Well, surgical treatment is the most suitable option for those who suffer from diabetes. Diabetics are strongly cautioned against using any home remedies as they can complicate their condition. Surgery, in this case, is usually the best bet for such individuals. Best Wart Remover
Let’s take a look what types of surgical that diabetics patient can consider of:

Pulse dye laser is used to remove carbon dioxide and blood cells from the warts. It works with molecules of water to remove facial warts. Laser treatments are normally more expensive and painful. They are accounted, however, to cause permanent facial scarring. It will take you about four sessions to be entirely cured by laser treatment.

Debridement is another type of treatment used. It is used only when large numbers of warts are present in a particular area. It involves cutting off the warts with a scalpel. This treatment is usually not used as a cure as it produces scarring and is quite painful.
Best Wart Remover
A surgical procedure named electrodessication is also used as a warts cure. It involves cutting away the wart by using an electric needle. This treatment is quite effective but leaves a scar on the foot.

This method of treatment involves the use of liquid nitrogen usually at -70F to freeze the warts. The frozen nitrogen is applied using a cotton swab or is sprayed onto the warts. There are no scars left on the skin since nitrogen does not affect the connective tissues.

Sometimes, Trichophyton antigens are injected in the region around the wart to boost the immune system to fasten the removal of the warts. Acupuncture can also be used to enhance immunity.
Best Wart Remover

When realizing how much the professional treatments cost, most of the people choose to create their own home wart removal products. It is good to know that the insurance plans usually cover most of the surgical wart removal treatments, so the financial aspect should not be a problem. Despite this fact, there are many people who believe that the homemade recipes are more efficient. This is why describing the most common wart removal recipes that can be made at home is so important. Best Wart Remover
Even though this is not a rule, the majority of the home wart removal recipes are based on natural ingredients. The other treatments that can be performed at home are based on over the counter medication. The main advantage of the homemade treatments is that they do not produce any pain. The efficiency of the recipes that are presented below equals the one of the professional treatments. In conclusion, people are encouraged to try these first and move to the prescription medicines only if the first ones do not bring the desired results to your satisfaction.
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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

FRUITS - The Perfect Healer for Best Wart Remover

Do you ever know there are certain foods that can help you to eliminate one of the most horrible skin disease in the world which is warts? Yes, it's true! Fruits have many benefits when it comes to removing your warts, one of which is that they don't cause side effects and fruits can be categorized as a natural wart remover as well.

Normally anybody having issues with warts will opt to visit the pharmacist or the doctor to discuss surgical removal. The doctor can offer procedures that involve freezing them, which is called Cryotherapy, using chemicals such Salicylic acid in a very concentrated form or the doctor may decide to remove them surgically. All of these methods can be quite costly and painful to the patient.

There are lots of free natural wart remover that are safer to use and help avoid bodily stressed. Below are the diverse kinds of free natural wart removal solutions using fruits that will surely help you out in eliminating your no harm rough skin growths. These fruit solutions are known to be effective and really erase warts in no time.

Many people are not aware about the importance of pineapple in the treatment of warts. Pineapple is a best wart remover that can cure warts without side effects. Acids are the strong chemicals able to kill viruses on contact. The pineapple is rich with a number of strong acids, which effectively fight against the viruses responsible for the warts. The presence of these acids makes pineapple a lethal weapon against warts. The procedure is as follows:

1. Place a piece of pineapple over the Wart.
2. Keep the slice in position using a bandage.
3. Remove the bandage after two to three hours.
4. Repeat the procedure for at least two times a day.

This procedure is able to produce quick results. We can notice the changes within a few days.

Grape fruit
The action of grape fruit is same as that of pineapple. Grape fruit is rich in Citric acid. The high concentration of Citric acid present in the grape fruit is good enough to kill the viruses within a limited period. Squeeze out the juice from grape fruit apply the juice on the warts. Tie the wart using a plaster to prevent the evaporation of the acid. Remove the plaster after a few hours. For a good result, repeat the same at least 3 times a day

Banana peel
Banana peel is a best wart remover that can cure the wart and repair the damaged skin. Many people use banana peels to treat their warts, especially common warts and Plantar warts. Almost all of them get rid from their wart by a two weeks use. The changes occur from the second or third, day of use and Sometimes the change is visible from the first day itself. The procedure is the same like pineapple and grape.

1. Place a slice of banana peel over the Wart.
2. Tie it with a bandage
3. Leave it for few hours
4. Remove the bandage and clean the area with water
5. Repeat the procedure for two weeks.

Using row banana peel is more effective than using a ripe one. Some people rub the banana peel on the warts instead of placing it over the Wart. The banana peel is rich with plenty of minerals and chemical compounds. Many of these minerals and compounds prevent the growth of Viruses. That may be the reason of the popularity of banana peel in the treatment of warts.

Potato rub
Rubbing a slice of potato over the wart is very effective. Theory behind this cure is the production of immune response by the affected tissues. In many cases, our body fails to recognize the warts formed in the skin, and that may be the reason why our immune system remains silent against the invaded Viruses. Now with the frequent rubbing with potato slices over the warts makes some kind of irritations on the area, which helps our body to spot the unusual growth. This will generate a positive immune response in the surrounding tissues to fight against the Wart, and our body itself cures the wart within a few weeks.

There are a number of wart removers available in the nature in the form of vegetables, fruits, seeds, and oils. Scientific studies are required to prove the effectiveness of the active chemicals contained in these natural wart remover resources. However, a number of Best Wart Remover available in the med-market contain the extracts of above listed natural products fortified with advanced medicals.

Monday, July 01, 2013

6 EFFECTIVE WAYS of Wart Remover with Home Remedies

These are a few methods of wart remover by using home remedies and natural substances.  

Handy Milkweed 
Milkweeds are abundantly found in the northern regions of America. They come quite handy when it comes to home treatments for the warts. The milk sap that came from the leaves of the milkweed can be directly applied to the region having the clusters of wart. Cover the area with a bandage after application. Repeat the process twice every day for best results. Slowly the wart dries up and falls off leaving a light scar that heals gradually with time. Best Wart Remover

Duct tape: 
A duct tape has more than one use. Many of us use duct tapes simply to strap things in place. You will be happily shocked to know a small piece of duct tape can easily help get rid of warts. All you have to do is place a piece of duct tape in a way that it totally covers the wart and ignore it for 5 days. Upon removal the wart generally peels off with the tape. 

Aloe Vera:
Aloe Vera gel with no extra additives, or the gel straight from the leaf of the plant has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties which help to kill warts. Every morning and evening wash the area where the wart is at and dry thoroughly. Place aloe vera gel on a cotton ball and tape it over the wart. Within a week the wart will begin to turn gray. Continue applying until the wart turns black and falls off. 

Best Wart Remover

Soak your warts in warm water: 
One of the safest methods to get rid of warts is to soak the afflicted location in cozy water daily for about 15 minutes. 

Tea Tree Oil
Tea Tree Oil is another very effective natural ingredient that can wipe off the war. It has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties that make it a perfect healing agent for eruptions such as acne and warts. It is also used in many medications and cosmetics for treatment of acne. Apply the oil over the warts directly; dilute it with water if any irritation occurs. You need to repeat the process twice or thrice daily to get the results. It works by drawing out the wart from the skin.
Best Wart Remover

Note that these remedies result to different effects. It is due to the fact that some wart viruses could break deep into your blood circulation system. Hence, the first step in getting rid of warts is to boost your body immunity system to hinder further viral infection.

Is there any other effective solution?
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HOT TIPS!! How To Remove Warts With Apple Cider Vinegar? - Step by Step Guide

Thank you for approaching my blog post. I believed you are here because you or someone you really care have a warts problem. Driven by your curiosity on how to remove the warts without having to spent a bunch of your money on the treatment, well then this post might be useful to you. In the video provided below, you will be guide to step by step of the treatment from the beginning until the end on how to remove warts with apple cider vinegar.

Bear in mind that the effectiveness of this treatment will based on the types and sizes of warts, types of skin and also a few other criteria so that you may change the ingredients that you probably have an allergic on it.

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The Insider Secrets of Natural Substances for Wart Removal Discovered

What are the common natural substances that people tend to use as a best wart remover in order to get rid of their warts?  Warts are viewed as something that has to be hidden, and obviously not to be proud of because of the unpleasant effect to our overall appearance. About three out of 10 people suffer from this problem.
Why don't try various natural wart removals? Instead of administering to modern treatments that could leave you wounds, scars, and other negative effects. Aside from those externally bad effects after engaging to modern techniques, the treatments are expensive and could cost a lot.
Best Wart Remover

What are The Accepted & Proven Natural Substances for Wart Removal?

Garlic is also used as a wart treatment. It is great for infections as well and many take it as a pill when they feel they are catching a cold or flu. Peel and cutting a clove in half. Your eyes mater water. Then rub it on the spots that have warts. You may be pleasantly surprised. Some people choose to do this after work or school to not smell like garlic during the day.

Certain herbs may help to minimize the recurrence of Human Pappiloma Virus and enhance immunity. In a study showed, a significant success in curing harmless warts is by using Chinese herbs. You have to grind the herbs into fine paste and applied it to your wart for 15 minutes once a day. Best Wart Remover

Tea Tree Oil  
Tea Tree Oil has a whole host of beneficial uses. Many use it for skin problems including acne and heat rash. It is also used as a natural wart removal approach. Since it is antiseptic, it prevents each and every possible infections, and also soothes, and clears out the skin with the continuing infection. If you are wondering how to apply it, first be sure to get a good quality of the oil and not one that is diluted. Twice a day apply it with cotton or a q-tip.

Scrub a slice of potato to your wart more than once a day. Do this for weeks until your warts are deciding to pass out of sight. Best Wart Remover

Onion & Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)
Other secondary natural wart removal treatments include cutting and applying an onion to the affected area, using apple cider vinegar to change the skin's ph and putting a banana peel on the skin.
Simply apply drops of honey on your wart every morning and evening. Repeat the process everyday until the wart is preparing to fall of and be gone.

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