Friday, June 07, 2013

All You Need To Know About FILIFORM WARTS

Warts are usually being classified based on their physical appearances and their location on the body. For instance, filiform warts, which are located on the face, tend to grow on a stalk and have a leaflike appearance.

Filiform warts are actually facial warts. They are long slender, usually colorless and most frequently appear on the face, neck, or eyelids. They can be found either singularly or in groups. They are, fortunately, non-cancerous growths and are not dangerous or life-threatening.

While these warts are basically harmless to your health, they can really wreak havoc on your self-esteem. I know it can be really depressing to look in the mirror and see these unsightly skin blemishes sticking out from your face. You find yourself shrugging off social events and not having any confidence in yourself when you do go out.

It is possible to have them no matter what your age is but are more commonly found in older children. When they develop, they can be itchy and may bleed due to irritation from scratching so, it is best to try and not scratch them. Covering them with a band-aid can help keep them from rubbing clothing or help keep them for getting hit which can irritate them and cause bleeding and discomfort as well.

Like other warts, filiform warts are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus. This virus gets into the deep layers of the skin and causes it to grow too rapidly which results in a wart. You can get this virus through contact - either with another person that has the virus or with an object that someone who has the virus has used. Therefore, it is never a good idea to share personal effects like razors, makeup or skin cloths with anyone else.

First hand contact with another person may also results in the transmission of the virus from one host to another. This can occur when the filiform wart comes into contact with another person and has the potential to spread the virus to the individual who touches it. This often occurs between children when they take part in team games such as football.

There are many treatments for warts out there, but you have to a bit more careful if the wart is on your face, especially near your eyes. You wouldn't want to put something like salicylic acid on a wart on your eyelid! The truth is that most of these over the counter remedies don't really work anyway.

There is a huge number of homemade remedies said to be helpful for getting rid of wards. Some claim to be handed down since generations, others are plain myths and a few could prove to be dangerous. Some of the so-called treatments like use of duct tapes, tweezers or sharp knives for removal of warts should be avoided at all costs. These are not really safe for being practiced and could further aggravate the warts.

The best way to treat a filiform wart is to treat it naturally this will insure you don't scar your face or endanger your eyes and will also treat the wart at it's cause - the virus - so that you can finally get rid of them once and for all! Next, find out about the natural warts treatment that you can do in the privacy of your own home.

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