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6 EFFECTIVE WAYS of Wart Remover with Home Remedies

These are a few methods of wart remover by using home remedies and natural substances.  

Handy Milkweed 
Milkweeds are abundantly found in the northern regions of America. They come quite handy when it comes to home treatments for the warts. The milk sap that came from the leaves of the milkweed can be directly applied to the region having the clusters of wart. Cover the area with a bandage after application. Repeat the process twice every day for best results. Slowly the wart dries up and falls off leaving a light scar that heals gradually with time. Best Wart Remover

Duct tape: 
A duct tape has more than one use. Many of us use duct tapes simply to strap things in place. You will be happily shocked to know a small piece of duct tape can easily help get rid of warts. All you have to do is place a piece of duct tape in a way that it totally covers the wart and ignore it for 5 days. Upon removal the wart generally peels off with the tape. 

Aloe Vera:
Aloe Vera gel with no extra additives, or the gel straight from the leaf of the plant has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties which help to kill warts. Every morning and evening wash the area where the wart is at and dry thoroughly. Place aloe vera gel on a cotton ball and tape it over the wart. Within a week the wart will begin to turn gray. Continue applying until the wart turns black and falls off. 

Best Wart Remover

Soak your warts in warm water: 
One of the safest methods to get rid of warts is to soak the afflicted location in cozy water daily for about 15 minutes. 

Tea Tree Oil
Tea Tree Oil is another very effective natural ingredient that can wipe off the war. It has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties that make it a perfect healing agent for eruptions such as acne and warts. It is also used in many medications and cosmetics for treatment of acne. Apply the oil over the warts directly; dilute it with water if any irritation occurs. You need to repeat the process twice or thrice daily to get the results. It works by drawing out the wart from the skin.
Best Wart Remover

Note that these remedies result to different effects. It is due to the fact that some wart viruses could break deep into your blood circulation system. Hence, the first step in getting rid of warts is to boost your body immunity system to hinder further viral infection.

Is there any other effective solution?
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