Wednesday, August 28, 2013

HOT REMEDY for Treating Genital Warts

Most people are afraid to use DIY natural remedy treatments on their genital warts since it need to be apply on their private parts. I quite frequently receive questions about the availability of natural remedies for warts and the human papilloma virus. For your information, green tea extract can be considered as the best natural solution for treating genital wart because it contains a lot of healthy vitamins that can cure skin disease.

Well, at the end of this short article, you will discover the benefit of green tea in order to treat genital warts. For information purposes, there is an FDA approved cream for treatment of genital and perianal warts that has an active ingredient of green tea extract.

Lets have a look what is the symptoms of genital warts. Common genital warts symptoms are flesh-colored, soft-to-the-touch bumps on the skin that may look like the surface of a cauliflower. They often grow in more than one place and may cluster in large masses. Genital warts usually are painless, but they may itch. Below are a few important points why green tea has been considered as one of the best natural wart remover.
  • Green tea has long been described as a good health beverage to help with a great many ailments from weight loss to skin conditions.   
  • Green tea is produced from the leaves, buds, and stems of the Camellia sinensi plant.  Other teas also come from this plant but the leaves are fermented partially or completely when making the other teas.   
  • Green tea is not fermented at all.  Green tea is steamed.  Because of this, green tea is high in polyphenols, in particular catechins, that have antiviral, antioxidant, and immune boosting effects. 
  • Green tea extract has been used to make a cream for genital and perianal warts. The cream received FDA approval in 2006 and has gotten good reviews with proper use.  It is the first botanical drug approved for prescriptions in the United States.

Genital warts are considered one of the fastest growing sexually transmitted diseases.  It affects approximately 1% of sexually active adults each year.  The cream ointment in 15% and 10% provides an effective treatment that most people dealing with genital warts can easily use.

You should bear in mind that this treatment might work very well with some people while for some others it might not working at all. It's all depends on your antibody condition. If you need more information regarding how to treat genital warts with natural remedy, you can visit the official website of BEST WART REMOVER.

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